The Futon Store Austin is a locally owned & operated business, serving the Austin area since 1999. For decades, we have specialized in offering the Austin area futon related products that are real furniture, not the squeaky metal cheap stuff you can get from China via the big box stores.

All of our frames are fully warranted, solid hardwoods. We offer over 30 different options, in many different stains & finishes from leading futon frame manufacturers Strata, Night & Day Furniture, & Royal Sleep. We offer modern futon technology, such as up & down mechanisms that make ease of use a breeze. Many can be opened in essence with one hand & little effort. Wallhugger technology, so theres no need to move the futon away from a wall to drop it down. Non-Slip grip pads, so your futon mattress stays where you put it on the frame, and many more ways to make your modern futon experience a simple and painless one.

We also offer over 30 different styles of futon mattresses, for all feels in all budgets. Choose from innerspring, wool, latex, memory foam, hybrids, solid cotton, shikibutons, japanese style floor futons, old school layered cotton & foam, natural, and even certified organic futon mattresses.

Regarding style, we offer thousands of fabrics from leading futon cover & pillow manufacturers S.I.S. Fabrics, & LS Futon Covers. We show many pillow & futon cover combinations on our floor, and have fabric swatch books to special order thousands more. So whether you want a classy tapestry fabric & microsude pillows, a leather futon cover and pillows, a cape cod look, a Christmas ensemble or Spring season bright colors to change seasonally, or a fuzzy purple futon with lime green pillows, we’ve got you covered! Excuse the pun…

We also carry a full line of new & exciting Murphy Bed Cabinets. These are high-quality solid hardwood options to a futon, that are in essence a comfortable quality mattress that folds out of chest of drawers. Taking care of your space needs, while much more comfortable than a fold out couch, and way less expensive than a murphy fold out wall unit!

We also carry a full line of matching furniture & accesories for your futon purchase, so if you need matching a coffee table & end tables, or maybe some handmade one of a kind Thai monkeywood furniture, we’ve got you covered!