Serenity Latex Mattress

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This mattress features virgin wool wrapped around a 6-inch core of pure firm latex. The comfort level is rated extra firm, because the main ingredient of this eco-friendly Latex Wool Cotton Futon Mattress – Firm – Twin, Full,  Queen, King, Loveseat size mattress is firm Dunlop latex, which will last a lifetime. Our Latex is 100% pure NLR no synthetic blends, chemical free, hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, and will not support mildew or bacteria. Because a 6-inch core of natural latex is very heavy we only recommend this latex mattress for platform beds. For the ultimate sleeping experience we suggest The Serenity latex mattress for anyone who wants a supremely comfortable but firm mattress.”

This mattress has been specifically designed for every night sleep on a platform bed frame for maximum comfort and will not bend on a futon sofa bed.  NOT FOR USE ON A FUTON FRAME.

  • 9-inch Extra Firm bed mattress
  • 15-20 year life expectancy with every day use.
  • The Ultimate Sleeping Experience!
  • Recommended for platform beds specifically.
  • Incredible infusion of support & durability, this mattress is meant to support the way you sleep for many years to come.
  • 15-20 year life expectancy with daily use.
  • Includes the following eco-friendly mattress ingredients:
Organic Dunlop Latex Core
  • 6 inch thick pure latex core.
  • Organic - Chemical Free.
  • Anti-microbial & Dust mite Resistant.
  • 34-38 ILD - 85-90 Density
Natural Virgin Wool
  • Natural Moisture & Temperature Relief.
  • 10-16 lbs of Natural Loft & Spring. (Depending on size of mattress)
Natural Staple Cotton
  • 12-25 lbs of Firm Natural Support. (Depending on size of mattress)
  • Eco-Friendly Natural bedding.
  • Grown in America.

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