Soft Viscose Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress

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We designed the Soft Viscose Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattress for anyone seeking a superbly comfortable mattress built with all environmental safe materials. We have chosen natural wool and long staple cotton over synthetic fibers for their eco-friendliness and long life. The soy-foam for this amazingly thick and comfortable Futon Mattress is partially derived from Soy Bean Oil to better reduce harm to the environment. We suggest wool since it is widely regarded as an excellent insulator and regulates temperature for the sleeper thanks to its breathable moisture absorbent qualities. We take pride in lessening the world’s environmental impact by bringing you safe alternatives for sleep. While many Memory Foam Beds contain harmful fire retardant chemicals our eco foam mattresses are a much better option for the environment and your family when considering the materials used.

Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Bed

  • Ideal Fit For Those Seeking Pressure Relief
  • 8-inch Medium Firm Cotton Futon or Bed Mattress
  • Good Occasional Use Futon Mattress For Guest Beds
  • 15-20 Year Life Expectancy With Occasional Use
  • Features Fire Retardant Free Soy Based Foams

Viscose Memory Foam from Soybeans

  • Memory Foam Made Partially From Soy Bean Oil
  • Fire Retardant Free
  • 2 Inches OfShape Conforming Comfort
  • Excellent Joint Support & Pressure Relief
  • 4 Lb. Weight Tempurpedic foam
  • Made With An Environmentally Friendly CO2 Process Which Is Emission-Free

733 4 Inch Individual Pocket Coil Springs

  • Made From long-lasting recycled steel
  • Provides Resilience
  • Individual pockets reduce movement
  • Shape Conforming Comfort
  • Excellent Joint Support & Pressure Relief

Hybrid Soybean Foam

  • Mattress Foam Made Partially From Soy Bean Oil
  • Fire Retardant Free
  • Shape Conforming Comfort
  • Soft and Bouncy High Density Mattress Foam 24 ILD - 1.80 Density

Natural Virgin Wool

  • 8 lbs of Natural Loft & Spring (Dependant On Size)
  • Natural Moisture & Temperature Relief

Natural Egyptian Staple Cotton

  • 14 Lbs. Of Eco Friendly Mattress Filling
  • Eco-Friendly Natural Bedding

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